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How To Remove Mold From A Fine Art Canvas

When living in a humid climate like Florida, many people ask me how to get mold off of a stored fine art canvas.

Here are the steps to removing mold:

- Put the piece in bright sunlight for several hours on both sides to make sure it's dry.

- Carefully remove any loose mold or debris with a soft bristled brush and a vacuum attachment - on the front and back of the canvas. You can lightly run a clean, dry cotton cloth over it if there is still some debris.

- Fill a spray bottle with clean water and a few drops of household bleach. It only takes a few drops. Shale well.

- Lightly spray the area of the mold on the back and the same area in the front of the canvas. You only want to mist the canvas not soak it. Do not spray so much that it drips in any way.

- Place the piece back out in the sun to dry - front and back.

- Repeat if needed.

If this is a highly expensive piece you might want to seek help from a professional cleaner.

Hope this help! AP

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