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Tip - How To Get Dents/Dimples Out Of Canvas

So I get a lot of questions about how to fix paintings and one of the tips I think is most helpful is How To Remove Dents/Dimples From Canvas. I learned this 20+ years ago from one of my art mentors and I have used it many, many, many times ever since!

So, in case you aren't an artist and don't know what I am talking about, a dimple in a canvas happens when something falls on the canvas or leans on the canvas for too long and there is a bulge, dent or a dimple in the canvas. Most people don't know that it can be fixed and/or how to fix it. Here is the easy artist way of fixing this problem:

- Dampen a clean cloth with water

- Turn the painting around so you are looking at the back of the canvas

- Take the dampened cloth and rub the area on the back of the canvas, with the wet cloth, where the dimple has occurred. You want it damp but not soaked/dripping and you want to dampen the canvas double or triple the radius of the actual dent/dimple.

- Put the painting in a dry, climate controlled room leaning up on a wall, hanging on a wall or set on an easel where nothing is touching it.

- Once the water dries, the canvas contracts back to it's original shape and you should need minimal or no painting touch ups on the piece.

- Sometimes you need to do this multiple times but wait until the first attempt has dried.

Hope this helps!!

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