'I express myself through my paintings - it brings me peace, joy and happiness.  My inspiration and techniques have grown as I have grown.  My curiosity drives me to push further.  I am always searching for knowledge and truth to put on my canvas.  I am letting go of some of the control in my pieces to allow spontaneous magic to happen.    Merging expression with structure to bring harmony.  My mentors have been an strong influence in teaching me to let go of judgement and force, and yield to the unknown.  To listen, surrender and trust.  


I capture my unique view of music, spirituality, nature and animals, while also adding a part of my signature style to each piece.  I look forward to seeing where this journey continues to take me.'

April Paige's Paints
April Paige's Brushes
April Paige Painting With Brush
April Paige's Art Work Bench