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'Gwen' is an acrylic piece of a woman in a fur jacket with a light blue background. The original painting has already been sold but prints are now available for purchase.


These full color prints are created on high quality 100lb paper with a backer board and white mat. The sizes available are standard frame sizes that you can purchase easily at any store/on-line. If you would like a larger size, please contact me directly for a quote.


There are three sizes to choose from:

6" x 6" picture, total with mat = 10" x 10", $30 + Shipping

8" x 8" picture, total with mat = 12" x 12", $40 + shipping

12" x 12" picture, total with mat = 16" x 16", $50 + shipping

Print - 'Gwen'

  • Authorized Use : The artist, April Paige, must approve use of the image if other then personal display.

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