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Welcome to my new site and blog! I'm so excited to get started! Life has gotten in the way of my passions but no more!

A little about me. I have always been creative/artistic, ever since I could put a crayon in my hand. I really feel that everyone should do something artistic as a meditation or calm. Could be anything – writing, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, etc. Once in that flow, ideas/thoughts naturally come to you that might help you in life! The act of creating, even if no one ever sees it, generates a flow in your spirit. Just make the time to do it! Whether alone, with a group, with your family, with your kids, whatever - find time to play. It’s important to your happiness.

I was always taught to appreciate what we have, that fun can happen anywhere/anytime. My Mother is also extremely artistic in all that she does. She finds a special way of making things cute, fun or funny. Her positive, mischievous ways have also had an influence on me. In my family there are musicians, beauty pageant winners and artists of all kinds. We are a creative bunch. How has this affected my art? Well, being around creative people always gives you different perspectives - always a good thing. Seeing how they create also rubs off. If you want to be creative get around the people who are doing it.

Music is something that speaks to my soul in many ways throughout my entire life and that’s the reason I focus on it in some of my artwork. I hope to capture that creative moment when the musician is in their flow and try to capture the grit of what they are expressing. I am very excited about incorporating my family heritage and love of our city into my next series as well.

I intend that this blog will be informative and helpful in many ways. I will be sharing my thoughts as I go forward. I hope that you enjoy this new site, blog and the new pieces that I will be creating this year! Stay tuned!

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