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'Passion' is an oil piece depicting a flamenco dancer, and guitarist, during a performance. The background looks dimly lit as if you were sitting there watching the performance. The original painting has already been sold but prints are now available for purchase.


These full color prints are created on high quality 100lb paper with a backer board and white mat. The sizes available are standard frame sizes that you can purchase easily at any store/on-line. If you would like a larger size, please contact me directly for a quote.


There are three sizes to choose from:

6" x 6" picture, total with mat = 10" x 10", $30 + Shipping

8" x 8" picture, total with mat = 12" x 12", $40 + shipping

12" x 12" picture, total with mat = 16" x 16", $50 + shipping

Print - 'Passion'

  • Authorized Use : The artist, April Paige, must approve use of the image if other then personal display.

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